Key Accomplishments
Major Grants Written and Funded
Development Initiatives
Major Grants Written and Funded
Urban League of Hudson County


Funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Two Grants: 1995 $1,000,000 and 1996 $700,000. YouthBuild is a comprehensive employment training program for 16-24 year old high school dropouts. It features academic remediation (GED/ABE), counseling leadership development and construction skills training through building/rehabilitating affordable housing.

Funded by the Corporation for National Service.
Three year grant (requiring annual re-applications), 1995-1997, totaling $650,000. First year of a second three year cycle, 1997-1998, $250,000.
The program empowers low-income persons, mostly receiving public assistance, through community service activities. Most of the Members’ service work focuses on providing literacy readiness education to children in day care centers serving low-income minority children. The renewal grant expanded services to include Charter Schools.

Starting Points:
A 300+ child day care center formerly operated by the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services. The center serves abused, neglected, and/or low- income children from mostly minority inner city families. Privatized in 1995, annual operating budget $1,700,000+.

Jersey City Community Charter School:
One of seventeen charters granted by the State of New Jersey in the first round of charters in State history. Charter granted in 1997, first year budget $1,000,000+. The school consists of two programs:
1) A model academic elementary school serving inner city children Grade K and growing by one grade per year.
2) A Second Chance Program for 15-21 year old dropout youth and those effectively dropped-out.